Internships are the best way to understand what you are good at and narrow down your focus on the roles, industries, or areas you really want to pursue your career in. By bringing your strengths and weaknesses to the surface, the experience usually gives you the clarity needed to plan your future. 

Music internships, like most others, prioritize college students with a major in music. Most large companies have policies that only employ college students who want to apply to get credit. So, it is good to do your research about company policies regarding internships before setting your sights on any particular music company.

While some companies pay their interns, most music internships for students are usually unpaid. Unless the necessity arises, most companies require their interns to clock in the usual 8-9 hours work and sign in for at least three days a week to acquire some well-rounded professional experience.2 But first you need to secure an internship in a branch of music that you like, and here are some tips to help you land your dream internship.

1. Figure out What You Want to Do

First and foremost, be sure about the area you want to pursue. The music industry is vast, and there are many different areas and roles in the music field. This will help you narrow down the companies that are related to your interests. Make a list of the companies you like and do your research on what the requirements are to qualify for an internship with them.

2. Build the Right Profile and Background

Next, choose a college major that is related to your music interests so that you qualify for an internship. During this time, make sure you participate in extracurricular activities that help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for the area you are interested in the music industry. This will also help you keep updated with the current industry trends and practices. 

Also, getting recommendations, creating blogs, channels, social media pages, or building any kind of online or offline presence related to your musical interests will help you showcase your skills and talents when the time comes to apply for an internship.   

3. Create a Resume That Showcases Your Potential 

Resumes for the music industry can be creative and fun as the music business is not as formal as other fields. Keep the information balanced by going in depth about the relevant details while keeping things concise where necessary. You can add a personal touch to the resume if there is room for such creativity in your area of interest and include all your previous work, social media profiles, recommendations, and other experience. Also, don’t forget to include a cover letter! 

4. Build Your Confidence for the Interview 

If you have built up your profile, you may have gained a certain amount of experience, which would have already raised your confidence to face industry experts during the interview. If you’re nervous despite being prepared, do some research on the current industry trends and practice with regard to professional etiquette and business practices as prescribed by experts in the music industry. You can also read reviews, articles, and watch videos on other people’s experiences as music interns to learn how they got through their interview processes.  

5. Start Applying for Internships

It is easier than ever to apply for music internships online with all the web portals specifically built for posting music opportunities for students today. However, with some companies, you may be required to directly apply for the internship on their official websites or send in a hardcopy of your resume. It is also a good idea to mail the company or call them to follow up after a few days to enquire if your resume was received. 

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