Computer science is a field of study that involves various subjects, especially different types of math. As a student, you will be able to learn various types of math. Computers and math are indeed interlinked. Everything including communication, entertainment, and information is made easily available at our fingertips with the help of computers. So, to understand how computers and science work together, we need to understand the involvement of math.

GPS is one of the tools that we use daily; many navigation apps run on GPS. Complex applications like these require complex math concepts. Features such as finding the fastest route between two points, or finding the traffic pattern require several hours of research and brainstorming. With navigation apps, however, they update in real time with the help of machine learning. This is how the apps are able to suggest the correct route to users.

This article should give you a better idea about what to expect if you are planning to pursue computer science. Here are five math concepts that are used in computer science.¹ ²

College-level Algebra

Just like complex math, college-level algebra is also gaining immense popularity and importance. As a student, you need to understand basic math if you are getting into computer science. Topics like factoring, linear equations, ratios, quadratic equations, and exponents are essential for computer science. 

You need to have a clear understanding of these topics if you want to succeed in computer science. Algebra in programming is used for the better development of math objects. It is also used for creating special signs, for instance, custom signs for clients.

Binary Math

Binary math is the most important aspect of computer science. It’s something that you will require in anything that you will do in computer science. Most computer programs require binary math. It is the system wherein numbers are expressed in terms of 0s and 1s, unlike the decimal system.

Binary math is used to make small calculations on the computer. Basics like division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication are utilized in every program that exists. Understanding how these systems work is integral to the study of computer science. 


Statistics is used for several things, such as data mining, data compression, artificial intelligence, and image analysis. While learning computer science, you will use statistics very often. It is an essential part of computer science because you need to understand synopses and qualified models. It is important to evaluate data and draw conclusions. 

With the statistical representation of data, understanding everything becomes much easier. Statistics plays a key role in data visualization, data mining, image analysis, and variance. To succeed in computer science, it is essential to understand statistics and algorithms. For example, many translation and digital voice assistant applications use statistics for speech recognition. They receive requests from the user and record the frequency of speech and sound waves in your voice to translate them into code. They then use the broken-down codes to identify particular speech patterns, keywords, and phrases. 

Discrete Math

Discrete math is used in computer science and many other fields, such as architecture, database maintenance, machine learning, functional programming, algorithms, and many others. It is the type of math that helps in examining objects before representing them finitely. 

Also, discrete math is a combination of several concepts. It covers topics like probability, number theory, and logic. Discrete math mostly aims at problem-solving and is therefore very useful for solving complicated software problems. It is also known as the foundation of various computer science studies and is certainly one of the most important subjects for people studying computer science.²


Calculus helps in determining changes and the rate at which they occur. With the help of calculus, you can calculate derivatives and integrals. There are namely two types of calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus. In differential calculus, you measure the change rate and quantity, and in integral calculus, you find out the quantity at which the change took place. 

It is used in a variety of computing areas, including charting or imaging, simulations, problem-solving applications, coding in applications, creating statistics solvers, and algorithm design and analysis. Calculus in computer science is important in areas that involve simulations and problem-solving and require graphs. You can also apply calculus for statistical representations. It is one of the most complex yet most loved math concepts.

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