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A fun and effective way to learn coding

BYJU’S FutureSchool’s coding curriculum just levelled up with the launch of the Code with Minecraft* course. Now your child can start their coding journey by building worlds and games in Minecraft, one of the most popular games of all time. Immersive, simple, and full of possibilities, the course uses game-based learning to boost your child’s coding skills as they master creating characters, whole worlds, and multiplayer games that anyone from the 140 million-person Minecraft Community can play.

*The Code with Minecraft course is not an official Minecraft product and is not approved by or associated with Mojang


Your child can be a math explorer

Did you know that math grows on trees (in the fractals of leaves), sits on your sofa (in the symmetry of its design), and can be seen everywhere else too if one develops an eye for it? That’s what See Math Everywhere, your child’s new math dashboard feature, is all about. The idea is simple—your child observes the world around them, snaps a picture of the math they see, and posts it on their math community page. Wearing a math lens to see the world will make them fall in love with the subject in a whole new way.

Congratulations to our MCC Winners

MCC Winners (From left): Anshul Deshmukh, Prathi Chauhan, Shivaani Lahkar, Yuv Lekhwani

The Math Creator Championship results are out and we have four winners! Congratulations to the winners who observed the math around them and explored it with amazing creativity. Keep your eyes open, because the second Math Creator Championship is coming soon. It’s an exciting event that encourages your child to display their math mindset through their creative skills. 

Read our blog on the practical uses of math

Sports, shopping, driving, filing taxes… even cooking! Our everyday lives are filled with activities that require the use of math. When your child asks you about the benefits of math, what do you tell them? Read our blog Math in Everyday Life: Making Math Meaningful for Kids to get all the right answers and help your child develop a positive math mindset.

A gamified music competition

Calling all BYJU’S FutureSchool music students! Get ready for the Note Ninja tournament—a thrilling global music challenge. The Note Ninja tournament has a series of exciting missions for our Perform with Music students to help them learn and grow as musicians while having fun. The tournament gets unlocked after the 30-class milestone. Learn more about the Note Ninja tournament by clicking below.

Meet our young Groove Masters

Our Perform with Music students are already amazing us with their original compositions! We received some groovy entries for the We’ve Got Grooves contest in September. The results are out and we have 25 winners, whose awe-inspiring original tracks will be showcased on our YouTube channel. They will be receiving cool prizes and certificates, signed by the world-renowned DJ Ivan Shopov. You can check out their tracks and get grooving by clicking on the link below.


Pradhynesh Patil

Medicines come with an expiration date, product warranties end, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant to help you out with this? Young coder Pradhynesh Patil has a solution. He built We-Alert, an app that sends you alerts when a particular medicine crosses its expiration date or a product’s warranty ends. This thoughtful use of coding can make lives easier!

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