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Tips on how to crack the MCC*

MCC asks students to bring math to life by observing it in the objects and spaces around them and using it to create something fun. Our math creators have until April 30 to submit their creations. Here’s a video to fire up their imagination!

*Students who have completed 30 math classes are eligible to participate

Coding Showcase Sessions*

Date: Every week
A platform for students to showcase their creations
Point of contact: Your child’s teacher

Music Recitals*                        

Every Saturday to Monday
An opportunity for your child to play live for a virtual audience.
Point of Contact: Your child’s teacher

Math Creator Championship workshops*

Feb 19 & 27, March 4 (8:30 am PST)
The workshops give insights on how to create for MCC
Point of contact: Your child’s teacher 

*Events are open to students based on the milestones achieved in courses. 


Your child’s learning adventure

What’s it like being a coding student at BYJU’S FutureSchool? From block-based coding to AI, game development to space tech, catch a glimpse in this video. 

What unlimited math fun looks like

What happens when you mix poetry and humor with math? That’s what our Math Meme Workshop was all about.

Po says hello!

Your child can fill their learning world with a series of fun, animated backgrounds, and characters like Po. They can head to their dashboard and find their Points Land Wallet on the top right.

Student of the month

Have you heard of Golden Crop? It’s an app built for farmers by young coder Aravind. Golden Crop helps farmers with soil testing, crop choices, and even connects them to buyers. Kudos to Aravind for his useful creation!

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