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Time to math-ify your world! 

This is a call to all budding math creators: the Math Creator Championship is back! Start discovering the math around you and make a fun video about it. MCC entries will open in January for all our math students. Stay tuned!

Friday Coding Showcase Sessions*
Jan (every Friday)
A platform for students to showcase their creations.
Point of Contact: Your child’s teacher

Music Recitals*
Jan (every Saturday to Monday)
An opportunity for your child to play live for a virtual audience.
Point of Contact: Your child’s teacher

*Events are open to students based on the milestones achieved in courses.


Meet our young game creators

Students created some amazing games with their mentors’ help for the Game Master League! Check them out now and stay tuned to attend the next GML showcase.

How “seeing” math helps students

Did you know that visuals can transform math learning for students? Read more on our blog, The Importance of Visual Learning in Math.


Why should classes have all the fun?

Learn about your child’s new dashboard feature, the Playground—a place to take quizzes, solve fun puzzles, and learn about events. Log in to your child’s community page and spot the Playground on the top right corner!


Kanishkar R.

There’s some good news for lawyers! Kanishkar R., one of our 18 Under 18 fellowship program winners, has developed the E-Attorney web app that lets registered users manage data for a case or a client. Way to go, Kanishkar!

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