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Learning Nuggets


The power of gamification
Gamification is a great way to make learning engaging and immersive. We’ve built inspiring and colorful gamified options in the Student Dashboard such as the Leaderboard, Points Land, and badges to inspire your child. 

How it helps

  • The Leaderboard maps each child’s learning journey by relating their progress to achievements.
  • Badges help motivate students by rewarding their learning efforts.
  • Points Land characters let a child don a dynamic avatar – making learning delightful.

Explore these features one more time to know all about how exciting your child’s dashboard is.


Inspiring Stories


Women Coders’ History
If you didn’t know that the world’s first programmer was a woman, you have to read this story! Women have defined coding history in so many ways. Take a dive into this fascinating history that can inspire your child.


Creator’ Corner

BFS Sotm

Coding can unlock a student’s creative expression in powerful ways. Just as BYJU’S FutureSchool coding student Raone used her skills to create FoodKnot, an amazing food app that’s now available for download. Way to Code, Raone!  

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