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CreatorSpace AI Accelerator

November 20, 2 pm

Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is it exactly? AI technology might be all around us, but do we really understand what it is or how it works? How will AI affect our future? What kind of careers does it offer? Join us for CreatorSpace AI Accelerator, an online event where your child can interact with top AI experts and learn how this field is changing all our lives. The CreatorSpace session includes Q&A and quiz sessions. Register now for CreatorSpace AI Accelerator.


Dear parents, this one’s for you…

Attention parents! Did you ever give up playing guitar or piano and regret it? Or maybe you never even started and wish you did! We’ve got a gift for you! Perform with Music is now available for ALL ages. Now you can take private, online guitar or piano classes as a BYJU’S FutureSchool music student too! Sign up for our free trial class today. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain! Learn about how much fun your Perform with Music course can be by watching this video.


A Joyful Treat

Inspired by the holiday vibe, Points Land is filling up with exciting new characters and backgrounds. Your child can use the points they’ve earned from quizzes and assignments to upgrade their profile by buying cool new characters and backgrounds on Points Land. What is Points Land? Find out more by watching this video.

Checkout our student submissions

Math Creator Championship is about solving a real world math problem and making a video about Check this out! Over 150+ BYJU’S FutureSchool math students combined their math mindset with some slick creator skills to create incredibly impressive videos for the 2021 Math Creator Championship. Ready to be in awe? Watch our mashup of their amazing creations on the link below. We will be announcing the winners soon so stay tuned! IMPORTANT: The next Math Creator Championship is coming soon!!


Karunya Dinesh

How can coding positively impact the real world? Ask young coder Karunya Dinesh, who took his problem-solving skills outside the classroom and developed Agri Mart, an app for connecting farmers with consumers. Farmers can put details of their crop produce on the app for customers to see. Agri Mart includes a chat option too. Way to go Karunya! Download the app by clicking below.

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