Have you ever thought that your basic math skills could amount to some impressive acts for your friends and family? Yes, you heard that right! Sometimes math can work like magic so that you can exhibit exceptionally well while you improve your math skills like a pro! Math tricks are highly essential for sharpening mental skills while enhancing your math concepts. Sometimes, while learning math tricks, you can feel more confident without the need for a calculator, and this can help you in the long run. These cool math hacks will certainly give a boost to your mathematical skills while setting you apart from the crowd.

Have a look at these math tricks that are simple yet interesting enough to impress everyone.

Trick of Getting 8 as an Answer, Always!

Time for your first trick. Choose any number. Now, subtract one from the chosen number. Multiply this number by 3. Add 12 to this number. Now divide this by 3. Now, add 5 to the number that you had. After this, subtract the original number from the number that you just got. Interestingly, the answer will be 8. Try it with any number and follow these instructions⏤voila, you will always get 8 as your answer.

Trick of Getting 2 as an Answer, Always!

This math hack is simpler than the previous one. Choose any number. Multiply it by 3. Add 6 to it. Then, divide the number by 3. Now, subtract the original number from the number that you just got. The answer is 2. Give it a try; you will get 2 as your answer as well. Magic, right?

Guessing the Age of Your Friend

This cool math hack will surely be a hit among your friends. Try it! Take the birth year of your friend. Then, add 12 to the year. Divide the number by 2. Now, subtract 1000 from the answer you got. Multiply the result with 10. After you get the result, add 9 to it. The final value that you get is your friend’s age. Impressive, right?

The 11 Rule

This math trick is quite helpful when it comes to an easy multiplication method for two-digit numbers by 11.

Step 1: Think of any two-digit number and then separate the digits.

Step 2: Now, add those digits together.

Step 3: Once you have got the number, place that number between the digits of the number that you had in mind.

Step 4: If the number that you got from Step 2 is greater than 9, then put the one’s digit in the space and carry the ten’s digit.

For example, 57 x 11 = 5_7. So, adding the digits, 5 + 7 = 12. Now, you can put 2 in the space and add 1 to 5 to get 627 as your answer. You can verify the answer with a calculator and you’ll get it right. A smart trick for math problems!

Same Three-digit Numbers Resulting in 37!

This is another math trick that you can try out with your friends and even with your teacher to impress them. Select any three-digit number with the same digits, such as 555. Now, add up the digits. Divide the three-digit number with the result that you got in the previous step. The answer will be 37. In fact, you will get 37 as your answer for every same three-digit number that you can think of. An interesting math hack, isn’t it?

Trick of Getting 15 as an Answer, Always!

In this math trick, you can think of any number, even a three-digit number. Then, multiply it by 3. Now add 45 to the answer. Multiply the answer by 2. Divide this answer by 6. Now, it’s time to subtract your original number from this answer. You will end up with 15 as your answer. You can try this trick with other numbers and you will still get 15 as your answer.

Math tricks and hacks that tell your friends "I know what you're thinking!"
It’s time to impress your friends with these math tricks!

Number Prediction

Do you want to flaunt some of your mathemagician skills with this trick? Well, give it a go and enjoy the accolades from everyone. Ask your audience to come up with any number. Then, ask them to subtract 1 from the number. Multiply it with 3. Add 12 to this number. Now, divide it by three. You’re almost there. Now, add 5 to the number that your audience got. Finally, ask them to subtract the original number from the above sum. The answer will result in 8.

Shoe Size Math Trick

How about finding your friend’s shoe size and age without even asking? Isn’t that a cool math hack that you want to learn in a jiffy? So, here it is. Ask your friend to multiply their shoe size by 5. Then, add 50 to the result that your friend got. Multiply the number obtained in the previous step by 20. After this, add 1019 to the result. Ask your friend to subtract the year that your friend was born from the number that they got. The answer that you got has both the shoe size and the age. The first digit shows the shoe size, while the last two digits of the number reflect your friend’s age. Magical indeed!

Multiplying With 6

This is a simple math hack that you can use for your mental math or even for your math lessons. When you multiply 6 with an even number, the answer will always have the same digit at its end. The number in the ten’s place will be half of the number in the one’s place. For example, 6 x 6 = 36

If you are struggling with math concepts, these cool math hacks will surely enhance your confidence while making you comfortable with math as an added advantage. These math tricks are ideal for improving your calculation skills and understanding of difficult math concepts. Using these simple math tricks, now you’ll be able to learn how numbers work in no time!

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