When we think of math, we think of it as a discipline having loads of numerical and symbolic representations. Math is used in a variety of sectors, such as trade, technology, business, etc. Therefore, it is required to have a clear understanding of the basics. 

One of the most difficult aspects of learning mathematics is remembering the formulas. We tend to have a lot of confusion when it comes to learning and recalling formulas since we are under a lot of pressure to study and acquire excellent grades. However, despite the many challenges that we might face, there are certain easy ways to learn and memorize math formulas. Here are a few quick tips to help you memorize formulas faster and in more engaging ways!1,2,3

Develop a Keen Interest in the Subject

To be good at something and understand it better, it is integral to be enthusiastic about the concepts you are studying. You will be disinterested in it and will not be motivated to work hard if you have no interest in it. Learning something that interests you always makes a task easier and more enjoyable.

Employ Visual Memory

It is simpler to retain concepts when they are linked to a visual recollection. Including a visual representation of each concept you want to remember can help you remember it later. Try it with your formulas; it’ll definitely work! Keep in mind that memory is primarily visual. You can use the wheel of your car as a sensory aid to remember the area of a circle, or even a triangular sign on the road to remember that the three angles of a triangle always equal 180 degrees.

Try Different Learning Strategies

The foremost thing you can try is writing down the formulas on paper or charts and posting them in your room, for this can help you remember the formulas. This is because you will keep looking at the formulas every day, gradually getting familiar with the list of formulas. You may also write down the formulas on paper as you learn them. Writing down the formulae several times will help you remember them because our brain has a proclivity for remembering what we write. 

It’s also a good idea to say the formulas out loud to help you remember them. As an added tip, it is easier to recall arithmetic concepts and equations if you watch videos related to them.

Get Rid of Distractions

Because memorizing things necessitates complete concentration, avoid surfing the internet, listening to music, or texting when studying. There are numerous variables that can cause you to lose focus when learning. Thus, you should avoid all distractions. Setting aside a specific amount of time for studying can assist you in achieving a successful outcome. Make sure you’re not sidetracked while studying or learning. Give individual attention to what you wish to learn and you’ll be able to learn more quickly!

Practice as Much as You can

You become proficient through practice! Your brain understands and remembers the application of the formulas you wish to learn when you practice applying them to the problems in your textbook or in worksheets. Practicing several problems with the use of formulas regularly will help you to remember the formulas. You’ll see benefits if you use the formula to solve and practice tasks. Memorization is the result of repetition.

Use Memory Techniques

One of the most basic strategies to memorize something is by building a story that incorporates everything you’re attempting to learn. A story’s sequencing aids in the memorization of events in a specific order. Hence, studying math formulas in the form of a story can be very beneficial. As a result, you’ll have an easier time remembering the formulas. As an example, Ronny wanted to build a circular table and for this, he applied 2πr² to find the area of the circular tabletop. In order to hold up the table, he was thinking of a few triangular boards. To cut the triangular boards, he applied the formula ½ lbh to get the required area of the boards. 

Sleep on it

Before going to bed, think about the formulas you want to learn. Your brain has a higher probability of remembering anything if you think about it before going to sleep.3

Understand the Formulas

It will be easier to memorize the formulas if one understands and studies them. It will be easier for people to know when to utilize a formula and get the correct answers if they understand how it is created. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the formulas. It’s a good idea to read the next few themes in your textbook before heading to school so that you have a better understanding of what is being addressed by your teacher. This strategy not only makes learning the formulas easier but also aids in recalling them.

Now that you know how to study better, put them to use and make the learning process more enjoyable and efficient! You’ll be able to focus better and be more productive if you keep your brain relaxed. It is very beneficial to have a love for the subject and enjoy studying it in addition to these easy ways to memorize math formulas. This is a prerequisite for being able to grasp any subject with ease. For more tips and tricks, browse through similar articles on BYJU’S FutureSchool Blog.


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