When music and other forms of art combine, they create a surreal experience. Music has a powerful effect on the creation and execution of other types of art and can help communicate complex emotions and help recreate experiences. Like colors, shapes, and lighting, music can influence the way a moment feels or the message within a work of art. 

Music is considered fine art, which is also referred to as high art. It is a form of art that is focused on esthetics and is created to have a pleasing effect on the audience or onlookers. It requires a certain set of skills to create something that qualifies as fine art. Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, fine art photography, conceptual art, textile arts, performing arts, digital art, and mixed media arts are all crafts that are considered fine arts.

Artists have mixed different kinds of arts to create the effects they want with precision. Some creations feel incomplete without certain artistic elements that help communicate the feeling more precisely. Music is no exception to this; it is sometimes used to complement other art forms or vice versa. Here are some ways in which music adds a sense of completeness to other art forms. 

Role of Music in Theatre    

Music is essential in the production of most plays. Theatrical styles explore themes such as comedy, melodrama, drama, romance, history, adventure, etc. Music is essential to creating the atmosphere of the genre. This not only helps actors relate more closely with the characters and the story, but also engages the audience’s feelings and emotions in the play.2  

Paintings Inspired by Music

There are numerous instances of paintings that were heavily influenced by music. Artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, and Marc Chagall have created paintings that were inspired by music. These artists used music to express their emotions and creativity to the point that its influence was not only evident in the colors they used, but also in the textures and effects their brushstrokes created on the canvas.3 

Music Inspires a New Art Form – Sound Sculpture 

Sound sculptures are fascinating creations that are meant to be seen and heard. These sculptures use natural elements to spontaneously create music or engage onlookers to create music. This may be one of the most fascinating examples of how music can be combined with other art forms with beautiful outcomes. Some sound sculptures that are worth checking out are The Wave Organ, The Singing Ringing Tree, Blackpool High Tide Organ, The Pendleton Spinnradl, and the Sea Organ.4  

Music in Digital Art 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have created amazing possibilities for collaborations between digital artists and musicians. Music can be added to digital art in jpeg or gif formats to enhance the design and value of NFTs. This is just one of the many examples of how music can be merged with digital art to make it unique by either creating music specifically for the art or using existing music.5

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