Exams are around the corner, and you probably want to figure out how to get good marks in math without studying. Well, that’s not going to happen! There needs to be an attempt made to achieve the best possible results in your math test. Getting a good grade in math can only be achieved as a result of consistent “smart” work. The following tips are a few fundamental steps that will help you ace that test. There are also a few steps that will help you manage your math exam better. And if you are persistent in your efforts, you will definitely be able to help out a friend who asks you how to score 100 marks in math. So, let’s take a closer look!

Strategizing and Time Management 

Understanding your syllabus, knowing what was taught, and working accordingly is one of the answers to the question “how to score good marks in math?”. There is a stark difference between just general revision after school or during the weekend compared to preparing for an exam. Preparing for an exam requires focus and a total lack of any distractions, which adds up to you being ready to solve those tough math questions. During the exam, your efforts should be focused on how you can clear each question as quickly as possible. How early should you start working? Well, the more time you spend preparing for the exam, the better the result will be. You will have to divide your work evenly across all the chapters, as fixating on one topic is not a smart way of working. If you are provided with the mark distribution in an exam, you can strategize your work accordingly.

Practice With Mock Tests

Practicing with mock tests is an exercise that is usually overlooked. Apart from opening the possibility of learning multiple types of questions, there is another added benefit as well. If you were to set the question paper for an examination, there are a limited number of combinations of questions that can be created with an equal distribution of challenging and easy questions. This means that you will notice a repeated pattern of questions over the years that have a high probability of reappearing on the upcoming exams. Of course, all the questions won’t be the same, but you will be prepared for whatever comes your way and secure the best grade.

Create a Formula Notebook

One of the most important tools you can have at your disposal is a formula notebook. In math, knowing the formulas and how to use them is half the work done. Hence, you need a tool to ensure that all the formulas are at the tips of your fingers. Creating a formula notebook does exactly this. It helps you revise and recapture what you learned and also keeps track of all the formulas you need in one place. A formula book that you create can be used across different grades. 

Positive Attitude

Although it may seem trivial, maintaining a positive attitude determines how far you go. The first thing you should take care of when asked “how to score good marks in math” is your mental health. You can take care of your mental health by taking care of your physical health, having a balanced social life, and having some hobbies that let you relax and recuperate. A part of preparing for the exam is also preparing your mind to work well. Sitting in front of your math book all day practicing problems may appear to be a good plan for the mind to work well. However, it may cause stress and exhaustion. So, you should engage in activities that will keep you refreshed, healthy, and happy. Eating nutritious food and staying fit will also help in your preparation.

Strategies to Follow During the Exam

So far, we have spoken of some strategies that help you prepare for an exam. Now, here are some tips you can follow while you are attempting the exam.

Firstly, make it a point to read all the questions. If there’s still some time and if you’re allowed, make note of the formulas you need to use while you work on the questions. When solving the questions, always finish the easy questions first. Do not skip any steps, as there is a good chance that you may make a mistake. The steps ensure that you can pick up from the point where you may have been given the wrong solution. Even if you may not get the answer, the steps may give you partial credit. If you are stuck with one question, leave it for a while and come back to it after solving other questions. Try to allocate time for each of the questions; this will ensure that you get a fair chance to at least attempt all the questions. Use relaxation techniques like light stretching and deep breathing while attempting the difficult questions. Remember, the less you get tense or anxious, the more clarity you will have to work through the questions.

These are just a handful of the general strategies we use to help our students here at Byju’s Future School. If you think this is too much work, don’t worry. We are here to help. At Byju’s Future School, we take every measure to ensure that our students are ready to tackle the examination and the future in general. We have systematically prepared our material to suit your child’s learning needs. All you need to do is stick with us till the end. Join Byju’s Future School and let’s ace your exam together!

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