Math is frequently regarded as a tedious and difficult subject that must be endured rather than enjoyed.1 But, do you know it is the most mind-blowing and creative subject that helps build a lot of skills and has applications in everyday lives? Math is the study of finding patterns and solving puzzles using deductive reasoning. It is and has always been a fun discipline that anyone can participate in and fall in love with.1  

Here are some ways you can help your children learn to love math!2

Stop Talking Negatively About the Subject

The first thing to avoid is talking negatively about the subject. When children find math problems difficult, encourage them and tell them that it’s a matter of practice. Also, ensure that you keep the focus on your child rather than comparing them with their peers. This will help them maintain their self-confidence, build themselves up, and eventually become proficient in math. 

Speak to the Teachers

Another important aspect to keep in mind is to constantly be in touch with the math teacher. The teacher can provide insights as to where the child is lacking, and the parents can take the necessary measures to compensate for the same. Understanding your child’s perception of math is the first step in helping him or her fall in love with the subject. Knowing what the child lacks is critical to understanding their perception.

Find What Interests Your Child

Incorporating math into daily conversations and activities improves the child’s perception of math concepts. The answer to “How to Learn to Love Math” is to incorporate math into what the child enjoys doing. Math does not have to be confined to a textbook. Daily activities like cooking or taking a walk can also involve math.

Don’t Underestimate Your/Your Child’s Abilities

As previously stated, you can boost your child’s morale by avoiding negative self-talk and not comparing one child to another. Even by encouraging the smallest progress that they make, you are helping them to climb their way up to understand the subject and eventually develop love for math.

Play Math-related Games

Does your child love playing games? If so, introduce them to some math games. The pretext of treating any activity as a game helps the child by shifting their perspective from a task to something to have fun with. Playing games like Sudoku® and its different variants helps them learn different mathematical operations.

Do Fun Math Investigations

Simple math investigations are another way to instill a love of math in your child. Asking children to measure the height of their siblings or their friends, finding out how different vegetables and fruits of the same weight have different numbers, and so on, are ways in which one can use math for interesting investigations. Even finding the number of trees while walking in the park is an activity that can spark interest and excitement in children.

Challenge Children Who Say They Hate Math

Ask thoughtful math questions to children who say they hate math. There are times when children may find math boring if they are not challenged by it. Using word problems or scenarios where they are the hero of a story riddled with math-related adventures are a few ways to spark their interest. A student’s love for mathematics is based on how much they can explore the subject and how it excites them or keeps them mentally engaged.

Use Manipulatives

Anything from balls to marbles to dice can be used to help children fall in love with math. Children are fascinated by new, colorful objects, and allowing them to interact with these objects keeps them engaged. Using these manipulatives to teach a concept is a way to channel children’s fascination with novel objects toward a concept that is usually not very appealing to them. Attempt to use various manipulatives at various times. Novelty is one of the primary factors that contribute to a child’s excitement.

Search the Web to Find Ways to Upgrade Your Math Teaching Techniques

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