Making Math Fun!   

Does your child like to get up on their toes and spin around? Or throw a ball across a field? Or maybe whipping up a chocolate souffle is more their passion? While each of our children are unique in their own way, their passions do have something in common: math! 

Math is all around us every day, including the things your child is naturally drawn to—sports, dance, cooking, art, video games, and more. One way to bring math to life and make it fun is by connecting it with their passions. Comment your child’s favorite activity below so we can feature it in a future math-through-passion post. 

Every child is unique, so are the things that interest them. Their passions might become lifelong pursuits, maybe even professions, or they might be short-lived hobbies before they move on to the next sparkly new recreation. When children are having fun they are more apt to learn and try new things, even math!

Each installment of Making Math Fun! will feature different activities children enjoy and provide ideas on how to incorporate math concepts into activities like soccer, music, art, and more. Why? Because when you can help your child see and understand how math is involved in almost everything around them, it makes the subject more approachable, relatable, and visual. 

From sports fans to arts-and-crafters, flavor-loving foodies, to future rock stars, we’ll provide ideas and inspiration for adding math to their after-school activities without subtracting from the fun! We’ll include new ways to look at each area of interest, whether as a participant or a spectator, involving math concepts ranging from angles, fractions, ratios, statistics, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more. Each article will include actual math problems (and answers) written specifically for that activity. 

We’re excited about this series, and we think your child will be, too. Come back here often or follow the BYJU’S FutureSchool on Facebook to know when each new article is released. Want to see us feature your child’s favorite activity? Post it down below!

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