Most web queries concern which programming language is best suited for particular tasks, such as “Which programming language is the simplest to learn?” “Which is better, Java vs. C++, Java vs. Javascript?” and so on. Java vs. Kotlin is one such query that is continually in demand. 

The programming languages Kotlin and Java are both object-oriented; nevertheless, each has a distinct function. Explore the key characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of each language and the differences between Java and Kotlin in this blog.1,2 

What is the Java Programming Language?

Java is one of the most well-known and widely used object-oriented programming languages developed by James Gosling. We can develop a wide range of applications using Java, including desktop, enterprise, cloud, and web-based apps. Regardless of hardware specifications or operating system, the same Java application will function exactly the same on any machine as long as it contains a Java interpreter.3,4 

What is the Kotlin Programming Language?

Like Java, the JetBrains software development company created Kotlin as an object-oriented programming language. It is a pragmatic programming language with type inference that is cross-platform, general-purpose and open-sourced. Kotlin was created specifically for Android and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), as JVM and Android integrate aspects of object-oriented and functional programming.5,1

Java vs Kotlin: Key Distinctions

Both the Java and Kotlin programming languages have advantages and disadvantages. The following are some essential differences that may make one option more suitable than the other.,2,4,6,7,8

  • While Java is only capable of object-oriented programming, Kotlin also incorporates functional programming features.
  • Java is usually used for creating enterprise apps, whereas Kotlin is used to develop Android applications.
  • Unlike Java, which doesn’t support extension functions, Kotlin enables users to construct their own.
  • In contrast to Java, which includes null variables and objects, Kotlin does not have such concepts.
  • In Java, primitive types are not objects; in Kotlin, primitive types are objects.
  • The Java compilation time is fast, while the Kotlin compilation time is slower than Java.
  • Java’s code is not as concise as Kotlin’s because Kotlin eliminates boilerplate code.
  • Java employs static members, whereas Kotlin doesn’t support them.
  • While Java requires variable data types, Kotlin doesn’t.
  • You can use Kotlin directly in Gradle build scripts, as opposed to Java, which has scripting features.
  • Java’s multithreading functionality adds to its complexity because it is challenging to manage several threads. If you start a lengthy, resource-intensive task, such as network or CPU activities, Java blocks the thread. In Kotlin, you can create many threads, but coroutines enable you to pause threads without interrupting others.
  • String literals are available in Kotlin and Java, but expressions are not supported in Java.

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