What is Logical Mathematical Intelligence?

Logical Mathematical Intelligence is one of the eight intelligences or abilities identified by Howard Gardner in his book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.” It is defined as “The ability to analyze situations or problems logically, identify solutions, conduct scientific research, and easily solve logical/mathematical operations.1

Simply put, logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to understand, manipulate, and apply logic, numbers, and reasoning to comprehend how something works, to detect an existing framework or pattern, or even to create something.

People with high levels of logical mathematical intelligence use logic to analyze data and look for cause-and-effect relationships.

They frequently avoid working with subjective information in favor of clear facts and hard data. Individuals with mathematical intelligence also have a strong ability to draw conclusions and make observations. Their minds work like a computer in the background, despite the fact that they appear to be confused at times.1 

Math, computer science, technology, drafting, design, chemistry, and other “hard sciences” are popular among children with high logical mathematical intelligence. You may notice that they prefer logical order in instruction and perform better in structured, organized settings.1

What Characteristics Distinguish People with Logical Mathematical Intelligence?

Children with logical mathematical intelligence have several advantages, and you can spot characteristics like:

  • They are excellent at analyzing numbers, patterns, and their connections.
  • They have strong problem-solving abilities and learn best by reasoning and logical sequencing and analysis.
  • They enjoy being well-organized as well as classifying and categorizing items.
  • They enjoy working with abstract concepts and conducting scientific experiments.
  • They enjoy using logic and facts to investigate problems, and they base their decisions on facts and common sense instead of emotions and personal feelings.
  • They have good mathematical skills and can manipulate numbers easily.

Now that you know the most important characteristics of logical mathematical intelligence, you can start observing your child to see if they are “math smart.”  According to Sage Journals, children as young as 4 or 5 years old can show preferences for one type of intelligence over another. When it comes to young children, you can simply observe them and create an “intelligence profile” based on that.2

Learning Preferences of Children with Logical Mathematical Intelligence

As previously mentioned, problem solving, putting complex situations in a logical order, and logical theories are the best ways to help children with logical mathematical intelligence learn. Visual materials, computers, statistical and analytical programs, and hands-on projects help children with logical mathematical learning styles process information more effectively. They prefer structured, goal-oriented activities based on mathematical reasoning and logic to unstructured, creative activities with ill-defined learning objectives.Imagine building a specific Lego ® model or drawing without prompts.2

Learning Assistance for Children with Logical Mathematical Intelligence

  • If your child is a logical mathematical learner, you can assist them in a variety of ways. Engage them in strategy games and logic puzzles during family time, give them classroom planners, and set clear rules at home. Whenever possible, ask your child to help you with math problems. While shopping for groceries, have your child try to add up the bill before you get to the cash register. If they’re older and can calculate percentages, have them calculate a discount for one or two items.
  • Encourage your logical mathematical child to use tools like graphs, charts, timelines, or outlines to understand abstract concepts if you suspect they have trouble seeing the big picture.
  • You can encourage your child’s critical thinking by asking them to explain their reasoning for their decisions whenever the opportunity arises. It’s fascinating to watch your child solve problems with inventive solutions that you might not have considered.
  • You may also find it beneficial to communicate with your child’s teacher. Make them aware that their student has a high level of logical mathematical intelligence and would benefit from being taught in a manner that they enjoy.3

If your child has a natural aptitude for logical mathematical intelligence, you can help them improve their skills by using memory or logic games, math puzzles, computer programs, hands-on projects, pattern recognition, data analysis, and other activities. Although it is commonly assumed that those who want to improve their logical intelligence should be proficient in math, this is not always the case. You can improve your logical mathematical intelligence with commitment and effort. 

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