Math problems are intimidating to many, especially when they contain large numbers and difficult calculations.Many children struggle to grasp the fundamental principles of math, which makes the topic too monotonous for them to pursue, and many just refuse to put up the effort. 

Although not everyone is adept at juggling numbers, the subject isn’t as difficult as it appears when you employ easy math strategies that make answering any math problem a breeze! Math-related tricks for children can assist them in comprehending those procedures, improving their calculation skills, and even surprising a few others with their supposedly magical abilities.

Here are a few simple mental math tricks that might help children finish calculations faster and more effortlessly. These math strategies can assist children in learning techniques for quickly solving problems and in developing better confidence in math.

Let’s get started!

  1. Multiply Any Given Number by 5

Simply divide the number by two and multiply it by ten to multiply it by five.

Example of mental math trick

     2.  Multiply Any Given Number by 6

The solution will end with the same digit if you multiply 6 by an even number. The number in the tens place will be half of the number in the ones place.This ruse is simple to execute, and children can add it to their repertoire of math tricks!

Example of mental math trick

   3. Quickly Multiply Any Number by 9

Multiplying any number by 9 can be much faster with this multiplication trick. To get the first digit of the answer fast when multiplying any number by 9, subtract 1 from the value. Subtract this number from ten to get the answer’s second digit.

Example of mental math trick

4. The 11 Multiplication Rule

This is a trick used for mentally multiplying two-digit numbers by 11 in a short amount of time. Simply put the two numbers together and set the sum in the middle.

Example of mental math trick

5. Squaring a Double-digit Number That Ends in 5

Square calculation is a difficult operation.This may be a lot easier for the set of numbers ending in 5. Numbers with two digits can be calculated rapidly, but numbers with more than two digits may necessitate the use of additional tables. All you have to do is to simply add 1 to the first digit of the squared number and multiply the result by the first digit of the original number. Now place 25 next to the resulting number to get your answer.

Example of mental math trick

What you’ve learned about multiplication can also be applied to division, as well as factors and multiples, which can help you understand fractions. Math tricks aid in the discovery of such connections between concepts as well as the speeding up of calculations. Mental math tricks can make the subject more engaging and the fundamental rules easier to grasp. A math problem can be solved in a variety of ways, and knowing these tricks can help you solve it in a few steps. Math is logical, even if it is difficult to master. As a result, math tricks can assist the child in learning more quickly. When learned at a young age, math tricks work like magic, allowing children to excel in academics as well as advanced courses, opening a world of possibilities for the future.