Are you all pumped up for FIFA 2022? 

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is approaching, and we are in the final few days of restless waiting, shared enthusiasm, and anxious anticipation! While there is already a lot of excitement in the air, we plan to increase it by introducing our brand-new Cup! The best part? You get to compete on a global scale and use your math skills to win the tournament! Isn’t that incredibly thrilling!

This article will quickly reference all the information you require regarding the tournament.

So, what is this Math Cup? 

BYJU’S Math Cup is a free online game competition that you can participate in to win incredible prizes. It’s a skills-based competition that requires you to solve challenging math puzzles and upskill your team to fight it out on a virtual soccer field. Rise in a global leaderboard by demonstrating your math skills and win exciting cash prizes!

Who is Eligible and How Do we Participate?

At the time of entry, you must be a legal resident of one of the following countries: India, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada (excluding Quebec), the fifty (50) United States, and the District of Columbia (excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other US territories). You should be between the ages of 5 and 14 at entry. You’ll need parental or legal guardian consent if you’re under 13 years old.

Signing up for the game is free and incredibly easy. Register and create your profile on the website, choose your virtual soccer team, click “Join,” and start playing. Click HERE to register for free and begin the game.

How to Play the Game

The competition has two seasons, one in the month of November and one in December. For Season 1, the leaderboard will be live from November 8, 2022, to December 3, 2022, and for Season 2, from December 4, 2022, to December 31, 2022. These dates may be subject to change; all such updates will be noted in the Official Rules.

  • You, as a player, will create and train a virtual team with a goalkeeper, defender, and striker.
  • Increase the skill points of your team members through training, by answering interesting math challenges.
  • Redistribute earned skill points between your three players to make for the perfect competing combination.
  • Play in matches and increase your rating in the global leaderboard to win the competition.
  • An Elo-inspired ranking system that considers wins, losses, ties, and the opponent’s ranking is used to calculate player rankings. 
  • The rank of a player changes in accordance with whether the team they have created wins or loses matches.
  • Players can examine their Win Percentage and Total Games Won by going to the “Leaderboard Ranking” area of their dashboard, where they can also view their current ranking. 
  • All players begin with a ranking of 1500 points, and as their team faces off against other teams, they will gain or lose more points. The player whose team accrued the most points at the contest’s completion will be given the first-place title.
  • If there is a tie for first, second, or third place, the decision on who gets the relevant prize will be made by a panel of eight judges who will select the overall winner based on the following criteria of 30% completion and 70% accuracy.

Prizes and Rewards

Five certificates are offered depending on the number of skill points earned:

6-15 out of 50Bronze
16-25 out of 50Silver
26-35 out of 50Gold
36-45 out of 50Platinum
46-50 out of 50Diamond

Apart from this, the top 3 winners of each season stand to win big cash prizes, details of which are available in the Official Rules.

It will be exciting to see fans of all ages cheer for their favorite teams in FIFA World Cup’s 22nd edition on November 20, 2022. It is a dream come true for many children to see professional athletes play, and what better way to enjoy the games than being part of it yourself? Break a Leg!