What is a Rectangle? 

A rectangle is a four-sided shape whose corners are all ninety-degree angles. Each side of a rectangle is the same length as the one opposite to it.1 

To put it simply, a rectangle is a quadrilateral with two opposite sides of equal length and four equal angles. It is a simple shape that is easy to use and is a 2D geometric figure whose shorter side is known as breadth or width and whose longer side is called length.

Examples of Objects That Have a Rectangle Shape

Rectangles can be used in various ways in daily life. Some of the most popular examples are listed below.

  • Television and Laptops
Television and Laptops

Televisions and laptops typically have four sides, with the opposite sides running parallel to one another. Because of this, they are a good example of a typical rectangle-shaped objects used in everyday life. The monitor’s screen and the keyboard are other rectangular objects.

  • Tables

If you take a glance at the tables in your home or office, you might notice that they typically have rectangular tops. This is valid for most table types, including dining, computer, study, and workstation tables.

  • Doors

Doors are movable barriers with hinges or other moving parts that allow access into and exit from an enclosure. A door’s fundamental and primary function is to offer security by restricting access to the doorway. The length of a door is typically kept longer than its width.2 So, doors are an excellent example of an object with a rectangular shape.

  • Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones

Yet another example of a rectangular-shaped object utilized daily is a cell phone or mobile phone. This is true for most mobile gadgets, including phones, smartphones, iPads, etc.

  • Drapes 

The majority of drapes are far longer vertically than they are horizontally. The horizontal and vertical sides of a curtain are also parallel. Curtains or drapes, therefore, can serve as a great example of a rectangle-shaped object in the real world.

  • Envelope

An envelope is a ubiquitous packaging item typically composed of thin, flat cardboard. It is usually made to cover a piece of mail or a letter before posting. It has a rectangular shape and consists of a flap.

  • Bricks

A brick is a kind of material used to construct masonry structures such as walls and pavements. The rectangular shape of a brick helps the brick be more durable and easier to handle.

  • Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate bars, right? Isn’t a bar of chocolate rectangular in shape? Haven’t you noticed? Make sure you do the next time you eat one.

There are countless such examples of rectangles that you can see every day. If you enjoyed reading about the examples of rectangles in the real world, you might also be interested in circles, triangles, pentagons, and golden ratios. For more thought-provoking articles on math, visit BYJU’s FutureSchool Blog.


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