A square is defined as “a plane figure with four equal sides and four right (90°) angles.1 

The world is filled with geometric shapes, and geometric forms can be found everywhere. Most things are made up of geometric shapes, whether two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D).2 Among the most commonly seen forms around us are squares. You will be surprised by how fascinating and valuable a square can be when you discover more about it. They work well for construction, decoration, and the creation of 3D shapes. The following are a few examples of squares being used in real life:2,3

  • Tiles

Most tiles used in building and decorating interior walls and floors are square in shape and range in size from small to large. The convenience of working with square tiles is an added benefit. 4

  • Chess

A chessboard is one of the best examples of a square-shaped object in daily life. The chessboard’s interior is made up of 64 tiny square boxes in addition to its square-shaped outer border.

  • Toasts, Sandwich, Waffles, Brownies, and Chocolates

These popular snacks can be clearly seen to have equal sides on all four, with the opposite sides running parallel to one another. Therefore, these foods can serve as a wonderful illustration of the square objects encountered in daily life.

  • Photos and Picture Frames
Photo Frames

A square is a perfectly balanced shape with equally long sides. As a result, neither the horizontal nor vertical direction is highlighted. One of the main reasons why photographs and frames are typically square is that it makes the object appear more esthetically pleasing.5

  • Windows

The vast majority of windows installed in homes have a square shape. It is possible for the inner glass of the grilles to be square as well, not just the outer frame. This is because joining two pieces of wood or aluminum with straight cuts is simpler and faster when producing the components in large quantities. Additionally, cutting the glass into square shapes is simpler too.

  • Construction, Decoration, and Art

Squares are easy to make, cut, or build from everyday materials.  A square is one of the few regular polygons that can tessellate a surface. This makes a square very practical for construction, decoration, and artistic creation.6 

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