There are several things you should know before creating your first application when learning to code. You can tackle issues by deconstructing them into algorithms, the steps your code will take to address a problem or provide a response. However, it can be challenging to think like a coder if you are new to coding. It takes a lot of practice to convert app concept ideas into actual code. This can be addressed using a pseudocode. It can help you bridge the gap between what you want your app to be able to accomplish and the actual code you need to create.1,2,3

So, What is Pseudocode?

Pseudocode consists of short, English phrases used to explain specific tasks within a program.1 

Pseudocode is a technique for representing an algorithm without adhering to precise syntax requirements. By representing the sequence of instructions and actions, also referred to as algorithms, in a style that people can easily understand, you can create programs in a casual way. It is not an actual code; there is no script, files, or programming.2,3   

 Why Use Pseudocode?

Computer languages are quite rigorous, so you cannot err or deviate from the rules. A typical human developer still finds it challenging to reason and program even in high-level, human-readable coding languages like JavaScript and Python.4

However, the process can be simplified using pseudocode since it’s written in no particular programming language. It is written in regular English, which is understandable and clear. You don’t need to consider semicolons, curly brackets, arrow function syntax, promises definition, DOM methods, or other fundamental language concepts. However, despite not being written in a programming language, it still contains terminology corresponding to typical coding ideas. And, to make it simpler to read, these are printed in capital letters.4,5,6

Pseudocode flow chart

Benefits of Pseudocode

Pseudocode is a very efficient planning technique for computer programs, and it has several advantages. Some of these are given below.2,3,4,6

  • Pseudocode can be compared to a link between your brain and the code executor on your computer. It enables you to provide logically organized instructions without adding all the technical specifics.
  • Pseudocode can help plan out your app before you begin coding it. It assists in creating algorithms in a more readable style than code syntax. Understanding what your code does can become more challenging when programming languages are involved.
  • While there are a few widely used notations that programmers may easily understand, there is no such thing as a perfect pseudocode.
  • Using pseudocode means you are in complete control of everything, which is one of the most significant advantages.
  • Because you have total control over everything, pseudocode allows you to explicitly define what each line of a software program should do. This makes you meticulous.  
  • Pseudocode is a fantastic approach for a beginner to start with software development. It might be the one thing that can help you overcome the need to fill your head with too much coding syntax.

Although pseudocode may be useful, it is not an accurate depiction of a computer program. While it can be a great idea to plan your algorithm in pseudocode, you’ll eventually need to convert it into a real, machine-readable program. You will eventually have to learn how to program in a real programming language, so check out these articles on programming languages.

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