Quadratic Equations: What Are They?

A quadratic equation is “any equation containing one term in which the unknown is squared and no term in which it is raised to a higher power.1 The quadratic equation is most commonly written as ax² + bx + c = 0. The known numbers a, b, and c serve as the coefficients, while x denotes the unknown.2 Quadratum, the Latin word for square, is the origin of the word quadratic.3

Quadratic equations have many applications in daily life because they are crucial to human survival.3 Quadratic equations must be used directly or indirectly in every field that involves calculating speed, area, or profit.2, 4

Everyday Applications of Quadratic Equations

Area Estimations


Construction workers use quadratic equations to calculate the area before starting a project. People also figure out the sizes of other things, like boxes and plots of land, using quadratic equations. For instance, the majority of buildings are square or rectangular. So, when constructing a rectangle, one side must cover twice as much space as the other sides. A quadratic equation will be created by calculating the area of the materials required to cover that area.



Quadratic equations are frequently used in sports and are now very helpful for gameplay and analysis. For instance, a football analyst must perform calculations to determine a team’s or athlete’s form. In these analyses, quadratic equation components can be found. Basketball players score by aiming for the exact distance and duration of the throw into the net. A quadratic equation can be used to determine the ball’s height.2, 4 

Establishing Profits

Establishing Profits

In order to determine business profit, quadratic equations are frequently used. You must solve a quadratic equation even when dealing with small products to figure out how many of them will be profitable. For instance, you may want to sell pillowcases and your financial goal is $50,000. For this, you must first figure out your average selling price, for example, $25 per case. To figure out how many cases you should sell to reach your goal if you make a profit of $10 per case, you must create a quadratic equation.2



Quadratic equations are essential in our educational systems, something that we cannot ignore. Millions of students solve quadratic equations every day. You will probably encounter these calculations daily if you choose a career in math, physics, or computer science. Without sound knowledge of quadratic equations, learning certain aspects of science and math would be impossible. 



Space science also makes use of some quadratic equation components. For instance, when installing satellite dishes. This is because it needs to be set up at specific angles to pick up signals effectively.4

Students can understand different math concepts and learn about their importance both inside and outside of the classroom by using real-world examples and applications. On BYJU’S FutureSchool Blog, you can read about practical applications and examples of various such disciplines.


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