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CreatorSpace AI Accelerator

November 13, 5 pm

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how is it redefining our world? What will AI do to the future? What kind of careers does it offer? Join us for the CreatorSpace AI Accelerator, an online event where your child can interact with top AI experts and know the various aspects of this pathbreaking field that is changing all our lives. The CreatorSpace session includes a Q&A and quiz session and attendees have the chance to win some cool prizes too!


Art, Animation and Video

Make Visual Art your child’s superpower

Learning visual art will never be the same with our innovative new course— Art, Animation and Video. As the name suggests, it is a mix of three mediums that can be used together to create truly inspiring stuff. Art, Animation and Video is a 1:1 storytelling-led course that integrates both digital and physical mediums to equip your child with the best tools and techniques so that they can express themselves in powerful ways. Book your child’s trial class now and start their art creator journey.

Music for all

Dear parents, this one’s for you…

Attention parents! There is no age to learning, and that holds doubly true for something as wonderful as music. That’s why we’ve opened Perform with Music to all ages. Now you can be a WhiteHat Jr student too by joining Perform with Music and discovering the passion in learning the piano or the guitar. Book your trial class now.


Note Ninja

A gamified music competition

Learning is more effective and great fun when different experiences are added to it. How about going on a musical quest with your instrument? That’s what Note Ninja is about—a series of 6 musical games to boost both learning and fun. Note Ninja gets unlocked once a Perform with Music student completes 30 classes with us. So complete 30 music classes and begin your Note Ninja journey. Learn more by watching this video.

Diwali Recitals

Watch our music students perform

We want our Perform with Music students to be able to express themselves fully, with confidence. That’s why we conduct regular music recitals where students play for an audience. This Diwali season, our budding musicians gave some special performances that helped boost their confidence. Watch the glimpses from the recitals.

Points Land

Meet Mr. Halloween

We have the perfect Points Land character for the Halloween month. You can use this gentleman on your profile by buying him from Points Land in exchange for points. Want to know more about Points Land? Watch this video.

Check out our student submissions

Math Creator Championship was about solving a real world math problem and making a video about it. The last submission date was October 31. We don’t know who won it yet, but the amazing entries we received just made out month. Here are glimpses of those entries.

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