We spend a significant amount of time looking for the right music instructor, moving around our schedules to accommodate our music lessons, and choosing our first instrument. Despite all the time and energy spent preparing for music lessons, some of us quit even before reaching our goals. What happens to that initial excitement, and why do we stop learning how to play an instrument?   

There are several reasons why we lose our motivation and commitment to learning music. Some of them are listed below: 

Unrealistic Expectations 

Among the most common reasons that most music websites and experts identify is the lack of preparation for what’s really in store, which leads to students having many unrealistic expectations about learning music, such as: 

  • Expecting quick progress and not being comfortable with making mistakes
  • Not preparing themselves mentally for the amount of practice and effort it takes to learn all the techniques and theory
  • Seeking praise or approval from friends or family too early in the learning process
  • Relying excessively on the instructor for improvement and not assessing themselves1

Inadequate Guidance and Support

Sometimes the reasons may be external, and you may not be getting the right advice or response from the people around you. This can diminish your motivation to pursue the skill, and you may quit even when you’re doing everything right. For instance, 

  • Parents not being supportive as they may prioritize academics over skills related to the arts 
  • People close to you do not believe in your ability to learn music because they didn’t pursue it as it is an uncommon skill in your family or friend circle
  • Parents may not be following up with their children’s practice beyond their music lessons 
  • Music instructors do not allow you to learn the music you like, which can make classes boring and take away the joy of learning music.2   

Choosing the Wrong Instrument or Skill

Choosing the right way to learn music is important. Music is a vast subject; there are many sides to it. Figure out what it is about music that you are drawn to. It may not be an instrument at all. It may be the vocals or the choreography that sparks an interest in music in some of us. Pay attention to what it is that you enjoy the most about music or what kind of sounds strike a chord with you. Figure out which instrument it is, and that may be the instrument you might enjoy learning.3   

Busy Schedule

Assess your goals before you begin learning music. If you want to achieve a great deal in the area, then be prepared to devote the time and effort needed to reach those goals. If you are juggling music with a busy schedule, your motivation to learn the music may get burnt out from not having enough energy or time to invest in learning music. It may affect your progress and kill your passion, even though you are good at music. 

So, be realistic about your schedule before you begin learning music. Also, be okay with making slow progress if you decide to continue learning music while pursuing other commitments or activities.4   

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