The common answer to this question, “is it easy to play the electric guitar? how can you learn it?” is—Yes, it’s easy to play the electric guitar. What’s not easy is reaching a level where you can play a tune effortlessly with artistic precision and skill. However, if you have invested enough time and effort into cultivating your electric guitar skills, yes, it will be easy to play the instrument, eventually. 

However, everything is easy to do at the basic level. Anyone can easily cook, swim, cycle, drive, run, talk, write, etc. You’ll need a completely different strategy when you realize that you love to do something so much that you want to pursue it seriously and become an expert at it. The same goes for learning how to play the electric guitar.

Electric Guitars are Easy to Play but not so Easy to Master

Most electric guitars have better playability and are more comfortable to handle when compared to other types of guitars.1 The strings are thinner, the body is smaller and sleeker, and the neck is narrower. Your fingers, body, and hands won’t be bruising, straining, and stretching as much as they would when playing an acoustic or other type of hollow body guitar.2 But, that doesn’t mean the skills and techniques to play with accuracy, soul, and precision can be acquired overnight.3   

Do What you Love and Love What you do

If your reasons for learning how to play the guitar are based on genuine passion for the instrument and music itself, then it might make your process of learning a little easier. It is usually easier to learn skills that you genuinely like because it is easier to commit to learning them. You don’t have to force yourself to do it; the sincerity is usually just there when you truly want to learn it. It makes learning how to play the guitar easier as well. 

You will instinctively push aside anything that comes in the way of your progress with regard to the skill. It won’t feel like you had to choose one activity over another or had to sacrifice something. Other things just won’t matter because developing your skills is a priority. 

However, when you are not sure about why you chose to do something, giving up on all the distractions can feel like a huge sacrifice, which is usually accompanied with regret if you are learning a skill for the wrong reasons. 

You just can’t help feeling uninterested and drifting off mentally during most of your lessons because your focus is on the things you could’ve been doing instead of learning and developing the skill.

Approach and Attitude

When you love what you do, it is easier to be kind and patient with yourself. You just unconsciously allow yourself all the time you need to acquire the skill without rushing yourself.4 You are committed to the process fully and set no timelines for your goals. You are confident that regular practice and effort will result in gaining expertise, balance, and control over every technique one after another. 

This applies to learning how to play the guitar as well. If you are learning how to play the guitar because nothing else matches the excitement you feel for your guitar lessons, it will be easy to play the guitar, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. As a learner, you will execute the basic techniques well, and as an expert, you’ll play the guitar effortlessly and with joy. On the other hand, you could spend years on a skill you don’t really like, and struggle with executing it from day one, despite all the training. 

So, your drive and dedication to the skill are usually the main deciding factors when it comes to playing the guitar effortlessly. If you commit to it easily, then rest assured you’ll soon be playing the guitar just as easily.  You’ll keep finding opportunities instead of focusing on the obstacles. You will figure out a way to be regular with your lessons and practice, and also find a way to learn it through any means possible.

How to Learn Guitar

It is easy to learn the guitar through any method. The best method depends on your preferences and requirements as a learner. Some learners like to experiment on their own, while others grasp the techniques faster with advice and help from instructors. Here are a few different ways to learn the electric guitar:

Personal Guitar Lessons with a Teacher 

You learn how to play the guitar with a private instructor. These classes are generally conducted once a week. The instructor tracks your progress, guides you on the fundamentals, develops your core-skills, chooses the right steps to take according to your progress, and keeps you on track in terms of your practice. You can learn guitar online with a personal music tutor or look for music instructors who can train you in person.

Learn How to Play the Guitar by Yourself

There are several options to choose from if you want to learn how to play guitar by yourself. You can learn from the free resources available on online platforms or opt for paid guitar courses offered by several artists and organizations through apps and websites.

All methods have their pros and cons; however, if you stay consistent with your efforts, you can always switch between these methods or even combine the two according to your convenience, and before you know it, you will be playing the electric guitar effortlessly like a pro!

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