Whether you’re a beginner or expert guitar player, an acoustic guitar amp will come in pretty handy, as they amplify the sound of your guitar while maintaining the natural acoustic sound. 

But searching for the best acoustic guitar amp can be daunting, so we found the 20 best.

How We Made Our Picks

Editors from the BYJU’S FutureSchool blog researched the most popular guitars for beginners and cross-referenced that against guitars that members of our music curriculum team recommend and have tried for themselves. The result: a list of vetted acoustic amps for guitar players at any level. Check them out below.

Yamaha THR5A

Yamaha is one of the mainstays in the music instruments industry, so including this amp is a no-brainer. The THR5A is a portable acoustic guitar amplifier with 3-inch speakers, perfect for home practice and recording sessions. 

One remarkable feature is its built-in Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) technology that lets you emulate various mic types. Ten watts of power back its functioning and includes a compressor, chorus, delay, reverb, and more.

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Fender Acoustasonic 15

The Acoustasonic 15 is portable with 15 watts of power and two channels. You can plug in a mic as well as an acoustic-electric guitar. It also has volume, bass, middle and treble controls. An extra feature is the chorus knob which adjusts its built-in chorus effect.

This compact acoustic guitar amp also has a 6-inch woofer to reproduce acoustic-electric tones at a lower volume. It’s a good package for a beginner.

Blackstar Acoustic: Core 30

With 30 watts of power, the Acoustic: Core 30 comes packed with features. One of them is the tilt feature which lets you tilt the amp to ensure sound reaches your ear better.

A big bonus is that you can connect this acoustic guitar amplifier to live streaming apps using the TRRS port. There’s a pair of 5″ speakers and a built-in chorus plus EQ, gain, and reverb controls.

Boss Acoustic Singer Live

The Boss Acoustic Singer Live is perfect for a budding singer-songwriter. There are helpful tools like a built-in looper and vocal effects (including a few clever real-time harmonies) to create pleasant solo sessions.

The Boss brand brings the clean sound, with fullness and depth, to this 60-Watt acoustic guitar amp. It also comes with Aux input, phantom power, and USB functionality.

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AER Compact 60/4

AER’s acoustic guitar amps are well known for portability, compactness, and good quality sound. And the Compact 60/4 is one of their flagship models. It comes with 60 watts of power, two channels, built-in effects, and DI output. 

In addition to all of the above, it also has various input and output options at the back, including stage-friendly output and Aux input. 

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT

The Mini BT is a portable acoustic guitar amp that comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. With 60 watts of power, it has two channels, a 6.5-inch woofer and a 1.1-inch HF tweeter, which give this amp an extended frequency limit. 

It also has a built-in chorus, reverb, three-band EQ, and DI output for plugging into a Public Address (PA) system. As a result, the amp gives out a clean and loud tone, perfect for small performances and jam sessions. 

Best Acoustic Guitar AMP

Roland AC-33

The AC-33 has crisp and clean tones that match many acoustic guitar frequencies. This amp is portable and comes with 30 watts of power. Plus, it has two channels for the instrument and vocals.

This amp also comes with a built-in chorus, reverb, and anti-feedback to reduce sound loss. A built-in phrase looper with up to 40 seconds recording time rounds up the list of features. 

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Fender Acoustic 100

Backed by stunning aesthetics, the Acoustic 100 comes with excellent quality sound. At 100 watts of power and an 8-inch speaker, it packs quite the punch.

The amp also has modern features, including Bluetooth connectivity, USB output, built-in digital effects with different reverb, chorus, and delay types. 

Mesa Boogie Rosette One:Ten

Packed with 300 watts of power, this acoustic guitar amp is a workhorse. It has some other exceptional amps, too, and this one is no less. 

The Rosette One:Ten comes with extensive options for connectivity and routing, which is extremely useful for big profile gigs and stage performances. With the amount of control over the sound, this amp is one of the best for expert guitarists.

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

As the brand name suggests, the Crush Acoustic 30 comes in its signature orange color and top panel graphics. It also comes with two channels – one for the instrument and one for vocals. With 30 watts of power, it has separate sections for EQ for both channels. 

It’s great for practicing at home and small performances but medium to large ones might be a stretch. This amp is perfect for beginners. 

Roland AC-60

The bigger brother of Roland AC-33, this amp has 60 watts of power with a similar two-channel setup. But it isn’t simply a more powerful version of the AC-33. It also features a design that’s best suited to stage performances.

It also comes with a dedicated subwoofer which helps produce a solid sound as well as acoustic bass. Anti-feedback controls, mute switch for silent tuning, built-in reverb, and chorus round up the list of features.

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Blackstar Sonnet 120

The Blackstar Sonnet 120 is another acoustic guitar amp powerhouse with 120 watts of power and four reverbs. It has two channels and aims to focus the projection of your guitar’s natural sound.

It also comes with a few modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, which allows playing with backing tracks. And the four reverbs add a nice finish to your sounds. It’s a little heavy on the weight but good enough for professional guitarists.

Marshall AS50D

While Marshall is a popular choice with rock guitarists, the brand is not limited to just one style. The AS50D is proof of its versatility and is popular in the music community. 

With 50 watts of power, there are two channels. This acoustic guitar amp can also be used as a mini PA system. It’s perfect for small venues. For larger gigs, you may need to use a balanced DI signal connected to your mixer. 

Fender Frontman 10G 

The Frontman 10G is versatile, producing rock tones plus ultra-saturated distortion, which works well for blues and metal. In addition, the closed-back design gives out a heavier bass and a reasonable degree of control. 

10 watts of power, dual channels, Aux input for a CD, headphone jack, and 2-band EQ round up the rest of the features, and a skirted grille cloth plus skirted knobs give it the good looks. 

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Vox VX50 AG

The Vox VX50 AG is super lightweight yet packs a musical punch. It comes with an 8″ woofer and high-frequency tweeter alongside a bass reflex structure that helps it produce powerful sounds. 

The VX50 AG uses 50 watts of power to stay in top shape. It also has an independent EQ and bass, middle, plus treble controls. In addition, you get built-in chorus and reverb effects. 

Bugera AC60

Coming with 60 watts of power, the Bugera AC60 is portable and yet provides solid sound output. It has two channels and independent EQ, which gives you the freedom to perform with two instruments or an instrument plus vocals. 

The Turbosound dual-cone speakers are impressive. In addition, the multi-effects processor helps project the guitar’s natural sound while adding dimensions to the tone.

Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1800

The second most powerful acoustic guitar amp on this list, the ACX1800, is durable and versatile. In addition to 180 watts of power, it comes with an impressive 9 band EQ for both channels, which gives you unmatched control over your tone. 

The feedback system makes your sound cleaner and clearer. Plus, the additional footswitch helps to switch effects and channels.


The Roland Mobile AC is light on the pocket and weight but still produces good quality sound. At 5 watts of power, it’s pretty handy to play for small audiences and can be transported easily. 

You can also connect your instrument and mic for a performance or jam session. Also, the speakers offer a clean, stereo sound that reproduces your original sound without distortion. 

Rivera Sedona Lite 

The Sedona Lite acoustic guitar amp is actually a combo that works with acoustic-electric guitars, too. It uses genuine tubes in the amp and preamp sections, plus makes the tweeter switchable to suit the dual functionality. 

With 55 watts of power and a 12″ speaker, it’ll pack some power into your sound. It also comes with EQ controls for shaping the tone and a 1-inch dome tweeter to handle extra high frequency.

Fishman Loudbox Artist BT

The Fishman Loudbox Artist BT comes packed with 120 watts of power to produce impactful sound. Plus, it has a 1×8″ woofer and 1×1″ tweeter, perfect for medium-sized gigs. 

Much like the other acoustic guitar amps, it has two channels but with phantom power. This lets you work with a condenser mic, expanding your options for vocals.
Now that you have information to buy the best acoustic guitar amp, you can purchase one to make the most of your guitar and budget. If you’re a beginner or want to hone your skills to a higher level BYJU’S FutureSchool can help. We offer several online music courses for kids and adults. You can sign up for a FREE trial here.

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