There are as many types of music as there are shades of colors in this world. They are byproducts of diversity in human life and culture. Music from other countries exposes us to the captivating differences and the surprising similarities in the traditions and tastes between cultures that are sometimes thousands of miles away from each other. 

Music from some countries has captured the hearts of people across the world and become quite popular. Here are some major types of music styles1 from around the world that have gained global popularity.

Flamenco – Spain

This Spanish style of music comes complete with its own style of dance and song. A flamenco song is called cante and the dance associated with it is called baile. Based on the emotional intensity, there are three types of cante: cante jondo, cante intermedio, and cante chico. The dark yet beautifully mysterious cante jondo deals with themes of strong emotions of anguish and despair connected to profound existential crises that revolve around matters of death and spirituality. Cante intermedio is a style focused on the fusion of various styles of Spanish music, and the songs of cante chico are a light-hearted form of flamenco that is fun, romantic, and humorous. A significant part of flamenco music is played mostly on guitars and is accompanied by clapping by the dancers, other performers, and the audience.2      

Calypso – Caribbean Islands 

Originally known as caïso or caris, calypso is a form of folk music native to the southern and eastern Caribbean islands. The lyrics of the songs utilize wit, mockery, and double entendre focused on people related to the political and social issues of the region. These clever lyrics are accompanied by a fun, offbeat rhythm that is characteristic of this style of music, which is played by maracas, guitars, cuatros, tamboo-bamboo, and tuned oil drums, which are used as musical instruments in calypso music since World War II.3

Bhangra – India 

Bhangra music is a style of folk music accompanied by a dance form that emerged from northwestern India and northeastern Pakistan. A new style of bhangra music that evolved from the South Asian community of the United Kingdom later became popular globally. This blend of western popular music and traditional Punjabi music appealed to listeners worldwide. The dance is associated with the celebration of the spring harvest season. Dancers move their bodies with a swinging rhythmic vigor that matches the energy of the music. The music is played to short songs called boliyan. The beat of the bhangra is played on a double-headed drum, which is struck with a heavy stick on one end and a lighter stick on the other.4 

Samba – Brazil 

Samba emerged from the drumming traditions of African slaves who were brought to Brazil by Portuguese colonists and went on to become an important part of Brazilian culture. Samba music is upbeat with influences of western music genres such as pop, jazz, and rock. Samba music utilizes a variety of percussion instruments along with piano and guitar.5 The music is accompanied by the Brazilian version of ballroom dance performed by a couple, or an older form of the dance called batuque, which is influenced heavily by African movements and style and is performed in a group.6

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