When did you check your social media feed or send an email? How long ago did you engage in a video call with your family and loved ones? Did you enjoy messaging and sharing selfies with your friends living in other cities today? Your answer to at least one of the above would probably be⏤yes, a few minutes ago! Electronic technology has empowered humans by providing constant virtual engagement with the people in their lives. 

Humans are social beings who live and thrive in groups through cooperation and connection. It is natural for people to socialize and interact with their loved ones. Earlier, these interactions were restricted to people living in close proximity to each other. Thanks to technology, no matter the physical distance, keeping in touch is simple and easy. Improvements in telecommunication and internet-enabled devices have revolutionized how we interact and connect with the world. 

But have you ever thought about how all of this works? How do engineers create technology that serves us so effortlessly every single day? How can you comfortably message, chat, or video call your friends via your computer, tablet, or smartphone? Coding is the backbone of what makes your technology tick. Every digital gadget or technology you use today depends heavily on coding to perform its functions. Emerging technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, etc., already rely on coding. Coding is nurturing these technologies, and as a result, they are becoming a much more prevalent factor in our daily lives.

How do Coding Applications Help You Stay Connected?

Gadgets and machines form an integral part of our daily lives. They assist us with our routines while connecting us with the external world. And yet again, coding controls how efficiently these gadgets perform the duties they have been programmed to do. Listed below are examples of how communication and connectivity have been enhanced through coding.

  • Computers, Laptops, and Tablets 

The operating systems on which these devices function make use of computer programming languages and code. And you can easily stay connected by using these devices to access multiple communication platforms, such as

o Email, instant messaging, audio, video, and conference call services, social media applications, and so on.

o Shop online (buy books, medicines, supplies, etc.)

  • Smartphones and Devices That Activate on Touch

These Android and iOS devices are miniature versions of tablets and computers. Beyond basic phone functionality, smartphones also allow you to conduct most of the activities that you do on regular computers. Touchscreens are eliminating the requirement for remotes, keyboards, joysticks, etc., making your devices smarter, sleeker, and handy. Coding practices and improved technology have made this possible.

  • Video Calling

Until a few decades ago, video calling seemed like something from science fiction. Then came conference video calling, but this was restricted mainly to corporate offices and business settings. Today, any ordinary person with a regular smartphone can engage in a video call with their contacts at any time. As the complexity and size of gadgets enabling video calls have decreased, so has their cost. These innovations have been made possible solely by the widespread use of coding applications.


Augmented reality helps users experience a virtually-created environment in which real-world objects are generated using technology. The modalities employed to create an authentic virtual atmosphere rely on coding and programming platforms. Though still in the developmental stages, this technology has massively beneficial future implications. It is especially good at enhancing visualization aspects and communication interfaces and benefits people with disabilities. 

  • Social Media

Social media has completely redefined how people connect with their friends and family by creating a social graph. Famous websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., allow you to share your life milestones through the internet with the world. Sharing pictures no longer requires visiting someone physically to see their photo albums. People can express themselves and connect with others 24/7, thanks to communication apps like WhatsApp and other communication mediums.

  • Apps That Help You Track Your Loved Ones in Real-time

Catering to people with busy lives is a host of mobile applications that help them track their friends and family. These apps use you and your friend’s mobile positions to monitor their exact location using GPS tracking. App-based cab services also allow you to track the location of cabs when your loved ones are traveling alone. 

Whether hosting online parties, weekly book clubs or entertaining your knitting circle, virtual meet-and-greet is the new, convenient option. Imagine how convenient virtual school, classes, and your weekly hangout sessions with friends have become. Online dinners, enjoying movie nights with friends online, and much more are at your fingertips. While kids celebrate online birthday parties with friends, their parents can enjoy a virtual happy hour without leaving their homes. Your location, distance, time constraints, etc., are no longer limiting factors when trying to connect with your social circle. Coding has reshaped how you connect with the world and vice-versa. Technological innovation has brought you closer to the people in your life, even without regularly meeting them in person.

The world’s communication channels will improve further with artificial intelligence and cloud technology. Wearable smart devices like smartwatches and eyewear will allow instant communication and video calls. AR-enhanced devices will provide realistic interactive connectivity options. Improved automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc., are all governed by coding. These are no longer tales of science fiction but are well on their way to becoming a reality enabled by computer coding.

We live in an information age where connectivity through coding has enabled convenient communication applications. Coding is an essential part of our everyday lives. It serves to program machines to work for us as we please. Its applications have simplified lives and shrunk the world, making everybody and everything easily accessible. 

Did this blog by BYJU’S FutureSchool help you realize how coding works silently in the background, enabling you to stay connected? Are you keen on learning more about coding, computer programming, and its applications? Do share your thoughts with us on the subject in the comments section below.

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