The myth that math is the hardest subject ever taught and that some people are just naturally good at it is widespread. However, this is completely untrue. Though it has its own challenges, math is a fascinating and enjoyable subject to master.1 If your child is having difficulty with math, whether in or outside of the classroom, there are several practical things you can do to support them in improving their abilities.

Why Become Brilliant in Math?

Math is the Language of the Universe that transcends all barriers.2 It makes sense to develop math skills early because the universe is full of fascinating information and math is the most effective tool for deciphering it. Gaining math proficiency enhances a variety of skills and aptitudes, including analytical and problem-solving abilities, fosters systematic and logical thinking, and broadens the mind to enable confident handling of challenging tasks, among other advantages.

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Having a strong foundation in math may be very beneficial to you because it is used in so many subjects and real-world situations. There are some fantastic benefits to being good at math, like:

Tips to Become Brilliant in Math

  1. Prioritize conceptual understanding over simply memorizing the steps to solve specific problems.
  2. Practice is the best thing you can do to succeed. So, incorporate math into your daily activities and practice it constantly.
  3. Learn from your mistakes and think about what went wrong or what concept you were unaware of. You might repeat your mistakes if you simply skip over them without giving them a close look.3
  4. Master your basics because a common reason why people struggle in math is that their fundamentals are weak.4
  5. Ask questions if you have them because that is how you learn.3
  6. Study in a distraction-free environment so that you can focus on the task at hand. It’s important to set aside some time each day for studying without the interruption of other activities, especially games and social media, that can be distracting.5
  7. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from parents, friends, or teachers if you can’t figure something out on your own, as everybody understands that some mathematical ideas might appear to be a little challenging.5
  8. Get a study buddy because, when done with a friend, even practicing math can be fun.3
  9. Apply math to real-world applications like cooking or shopping, and turn them into fun math exercises whenever your child feels math is too abstract. This will help them understand concepts and their real-world applications better, and they will also perform well in tests.
  10. Familiarize yourself with some simple math tricks to calculate faster and easier. You can use these tricks to make the calculations simpler so that you can respond to the questions more quickly. And with practice, you can come up with your own tricks and tips.4

If you properly implement the aforementioned suggestions, math will become a much more enjoyable and approachable subject for you, resulting in better performance in the subject.

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