Through the application of science and technology, information and knowledge are being continuously used to advance human society. This has impacted our daily activities, value systems, environments, and even power structures.

Technology, software, and computers keep modern life running, and behind every piece of clever software is a programmer, sometimes a team of programmers, solving problems with intelligent code, cloud security solutions, and intense development. Let’s spare a thought on International Programmers’ Day for our digital heroes who play a critical role in influencing modern society.

What is International Programmers’ Day?

The Day of the Programmer, which is celebrated on the 256th day of the year, honors the trailblazers who continue to change the world one program at a time. The day of this celebration is based on binary code and is observed on the 256th day of the year as this is the number of distinct values that an eight-bit byte can represent and the highest power of two that is less than 365.1

How did Programmers’ Day Begin? 

Russian programmers Michael Cherviakov and Valentin Balt of Parallel Technologies gathered signatures in 2002, hoping the Russian government would proclaim it to be the Day of the Programmers. On September 11, 2009, President Dmitry Medvedev signed the legislation honoring computer programmers. Additionally, the day is observed on various dates around the world.2

Why is International Programmers’ Day Celebrated?

International Programmers' Day

This day celebrates programmers all over the world. Computer programming is essential for a wide range of tasks, not just advanced artificial intelligence research and software development. Programming is used in every aspect of your life, including the bank app on your phone, supply lines, YouTube, and the excellent online experiences we all enjoy. It’s possible to buy your favorite foods online, and governments can keep their services open more quickly and effectively if there is a crisis, thanks to programmers!

It is difficult to envision a circumstance in which computer programmers wouldn’t benefit society. Most of the world is either connected or is actively looking for new ways to connect. The world benefits from computer programmers in many ways, including research and development, web design and development, government operations, cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Join us today to pay homage to the programmers who have helped to shape the way our lives are today. You can learn more about programming and coding by visiting BYJU’s FutureSchool blog.


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