Big winners! We are excited to report that BYJU’S won a Silver Lion Award at the 2022 Cannes Lions International Festival. The award went to the ‘Master Ji’ digital campaign. 

Master Ji won the Entertainment Lion award in the Talent: Film, Series, and Audio Craft category and BYJU’S became the first Indian company to have received two shortlists in the casting and direction categories, respectively. 

This win is extra special because it was created by BYJU’s in-house brand and creative team, which entirely conceptualized and ideated the winning campaign. Dora Digs Films produced the project, and BYJU’S was nominated in this category alongside big names like Apple, Burger King, BBC, Renault, and Facebook. 

“It’s a proud milestone for us at BYJU’S.”

 Vineet Singh, VP – Brand and Creative Strategy, BYJU’S

“In-house brand teams are quickly becoming the standard,” says Singh. “They offer content solutions that are both agile and efficient. The win at Cannes Lions 2022, one of the biggest, most difficult, and credible stages, validates our team’s efforts. The Master Ji campaign exemplifies BYJU’s belief in developing and delivering relevant messaging to its target demographic. We are tremendously grateful to everyone who helped us achieve this dream run,” he adds. 

Released with the hashtag, #LearningUnlearnRelearn, and #KeepLearning, the BYJU’S teacher’s day ad campaign paid tribute to teachers who have made a difference in millions of lives while highlighting the struggles many have experienced during the pandemic. The film spotlights how teachers rose to the occasion and continued sharing knowledge while learning new ways to teach and engage children virtually, cementing the message that learning never stops.

Click here to take an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the production of the award-winning campaign and here to view campaigns the other awards won, and of course, check out the video below.

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