The BYJU’S-Intel partnership is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing a high quality and personalized approach to learning for K-12 students

One of the most gratifying aspects of teaching is watching students grow and learn.

Yet, teaching can often be a challenging experience. Teachers’ skills and capabilities are regularly put to the test — they need to juggle multiple pressing tasks simultaneously, create and correct assignments, manage multiple classes, schedule meetings with parents and guardians. Remote learning has also introduced a new set of unique circumstances to the mix.

In such a situation, just having the right abilities isn’t enough. Skilled educators need the assistance of a qualified collaborator.

To help teachers apply technology more effectively to education, BYJU’S has announced that all of its 1-on-1 math and coding teachers will complete the Intel® Skills for Innovation (Intel® SFI) Professional Development (PD) courses by the end of 2022. Through this new partnership, the Intel® SFI PD will empower teachers by enabling them to be more effective in owning and leading learning experiences. The partnership is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to BYJU’S student experience; to provide high quality, personalized approach to learning for K-12 students.

Trupti Mukker, International COO at BYJU’S shared some light on the partnership saying, “Our mission is to provide a best-in-class learning environment for our students. Our teachers are already exceptional at what they do, and we believe that continuing to invest in their development is the key to ensuring that we reach this goal.  The world of education is constantly evolving, and the Intel SFI PD courses will allow our teachers to continue to grow their abilities while also supporting each student’s progress in order to develop the vital skills needed in a rapidly evolving global workplace.”

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With many teachers already taking courses, the Intel SFI PD certification will upskill each teacher in a variety of ways, increasing the virtual learning experience. Teachers who have completed the Intel SFI PD program have reported enhanced teaching abilities, increased student involvement in class, and the capacity to use a variety of strategies to tackle problems in the classroom.

Since its inception, BYJU’S online learning has been at the forefront of empowering educators with tools, skills, and cutting-edge technology to improve learning outcomes and make learning more effective, engaging, and diverse. BYJU’S new partnership with Intel SFI PD will further enhance and upskill BYJU’S teachers in areas such as microlearning, gamification, and diverse teaching techniques, as well as strengthening communication with parents. 

Sharing her thoughts on the partnership, Cigdem Ertem, Intel’s Global Director for Education and Public Sector Sales said, “Intel is proud to support BFS with the Intel Skills for Innovation Professional Development Suite, which trains educators in embracing new ways of teaching to help students develop skillsets and mindsets that will help them succeed in the future. Intel SFI supports teachers in integrating technologies into everyday teaching and learning to ensure that today’s students are prepared for the future’s technology-driven workforce.”

As of mid-March, 39% of BYJU’S 1-on-1 math and coding teachers had received Intel SFI PD Level 2 “Leaders of Learning Experiences” certification, with another 18% in the process. 

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