STEM Day is fast approaching, and as editors of the BYJU’S FutureSchool blog, we can’t think of a better holiday to celebrate the creator spirit. STEM has been front and center in the education world for quite some time because it focuses on important subjects and hones essential skills that help our children grow, learn, experiment, and discover.

Here are the top five ways to celebrate STEM day this November 8.

  1. Get Hands-On With a Fun Craft

There’s no better way to get your creative juices flowing than with a project. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these STEM-based projects you can do with your children. You can also purchase a box from Kiwi Co. that has tons of age-appropriate STEM projects for children, or subscribe to receive a box every month. 

  1. Learn From the Pros

Each month BYJU’S FutureSchool puts on a CreatorSpace event where great minds in STEM come together for a live virtual experience where children can ask questions, win prizes, can come face to face with experts in their respective fields. November’s Creator Space event is all about Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Sign up for a Free Coding Class

Coding is the way of the future and a great way to get children to think critically and learn to problem-solve better. BYJU’S FutureSchool offers a FREE trial class in coding.

  1. Play with STEM Toys

It’s no secret that kids learn through play, so why not gift them a toy that teaches? Some of our favorite STEM toys include Magna Tiles, the Osmo Genius Kit, and the 4M Water Rocket. 

  1. Plan a Virtual Field Trip

Museums like MoMath, the Smithsonian, and The Liberty Science Center all have tons of resources children can explore without ever having to leave home. One of our faves is Unlimited at MoMath, where middle- and high-school students spend an hour doing mathematical activities and interactive social games with their peers.

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