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Reimagine Summer

Summer Camp 2022

Reimagine Summer at the BYJU’S Summer Camp 2022! Our virtual camp is designed to engage, educate, and inspire kids globally to learn, make, and do amazing things! The camp offers live workshops featuring astrophysicist and StarTalk host Neil deGrasse Tyson, top-ranked Minecraft player JeromeASF, Hanson Robotics’ Sophia the Robot, and many other superstar instructors. Click to reserve your child’s spot and claim our early bird offer by April 30th.

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Explore your math-verse


MCC* encourages students to observe the world through a math lens and create something fun with it! To inspire our students, we’ve compiled a video playlist showing various ways in which they can approach MCC submissions. They have until April 30th to submit their projects. Good luck!

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Art, Animation & Video’s special feature


For artists of the future, our AAV course comes equipped with a Digital Camkit. This includes the Art Cam, specially designed for instant feedback and encouragement.


Explore some coding history

Coding history

Did you know that coding goes back by almost two millennia? This month, read our blog: A Brief History of How Coding was Invented, to learn how coding came about to where it is today.  

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Coming up

Music Recitals                        

Every Saturday to Monday
An opportunity for your child to play live for a virtual audience.            

Point of Contact: Your child’s teacher

*Events are open to students based on the milestones achieved in courses. 




Food allergies can catch us off guard and cause serious issues. To help, young coder Isabella developed Eat Safe!, an app that details information about the allergens contained in food products. 

Eat safe

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More than just Coding and Math! Our proprietary, activity-based curriculum with live, real-time instruction facilitates: Problem Solving. Creative Thinking. Grit. Confidence. Communication